Failed Cancun Talks Give Impetus To Bilateral Deals

The International Herald Tribune | By Brian Knowlton | September 23, 2003 Tuesday WASHINGTON -- No sooner had the dust begun to settle from the collapse of the recent World Trade Organization talks in Cancun than a variety of officials began raising the specter of a return to the very sort of bilateral trade arrangements that the Cancun talks aspired to replace.

Gold Firm Plans Suit Under NAFTA

Los Angeles Times | By Evelyn Iritani | August 20, 2003 Canadian mining company says California limits make its Imperial property worthless. , Times Staff writer Mining company Glamis Gold Ltd. is taking aim at tough California environmental laws by threatening to sue under an obscure provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Mexican Labour Secretary Says NAFTA "Positive" For Labour Sector

BBC Monitoring Americas | August 17, 2003 Text of report by Sonia Gonzalez published by Mexican news agency Notimex Managua, 15 August: Mexican Labour Secretary Carlos Abascal said here today that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has yielded positive results with regard to labour matters, although there should have been a more gradual opening-up process in certain areas.