The Imbalance of Trade

U.S. News & World Report | By Lou Dobbs | April 5, 2004 The President, many of his cabinet members, and more than a few of the administration's surrogates are desperately trying to alter the national debate on the cost of free trade, outsourcing of American jobs to cheap overseas labor markets, and responsible trade policies.

A Mexican Worker Dies Each Day

Associated Press | By JUSTIN PRITCHARD | March 14, 2004 The jobs that lure Mexican workers to the United States are killing them in a worsening epidemic that is now claiming a victim a day, an Associated Press investigation has found. Though Mexicans often take the most hazardous jobs, they are more likely than others to be killed even when doing similarly risky work.

It""s Back To The Dark Ages On Trade

Chicago Tribune | By Amity Shlaes | February 24, 2004 It is Feb. 24 2005, and President John Kerry and his economic team--Roger Altman and Alan Blinder from the U.S. Treasury and U.S. trade representative Clyde Prestowitz--are busy converting the U.S. into a protectionist fortress. - The North American Free Trade Agreement? Rewrite it to force Mexican wages upward.